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$2322.56 Gold in dollars
  • per troy ounce (31,103 g)
$29.81 Silver in dollars
  • per troy ounce (31,103 g)
Last price 23.06.2024 18:00
Gold price 2322.56 $ 2172.04 €
Silver price 29.81 $ 27.88 €
Ratio (GSR) 77.91 77.91
Source: http://www.lbma.org.uk calculated ratio
It's not just gold that is the crisis currency par excellence; silver can also be used to build up assets. The gold-silver ratio is at a historically high level. Over the past 45 years, the average for an ounce of gold was about 61 ounces of silver, but the gold-silver ratio is now about 80. This means that for an ounce of gold, there are more than 80 ounces of silver. Should this extremely high ratio of gold to silver reach the average level again, the silver price will have developed more positively in relation to the gold price.
History of the gold - silver ratio
How has the gold - silver ratio developed?
Example: In May 1980 you received
18kg silver for 1kg gold -> ratio 1 to 18

Period Relationship of gold to silver EUR / 1kg gold
May 1980 1 to 18 16.178,83 €
Jul. 1991 1 to 97 11.577,27 €
Sep. 2011 1 to 34 45.373,66 €
Mar. 2018 1 to 80 37.888,86 €
Feb. 2021 1 to 64 49.753,87 €
Sep. 2022 1 to 96 54.949,03 €
Source: http://www.lbma.org.uk calculated ratio
As at: 04/2019


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5-year gold comparison

Without RATIO

Profit 7.91%
3.415 EUR
100g GOLD
3.684 EUR
100g GOLD




Profit 40,97%
3.415 EUR
100g GOLD
4.840 EUR
10.500g SILVER




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Gold-silver ratio

Anyone who invests in precious metals is faced with the question of whether gold or silver is better. There are also other precious metals such as platinum or palladium. But gold and silver are the most sought-after precious metals. The gold-silver ratio helps you to derive buy or sell signals. This ratio can support you in your decision.

How does ratio work?

They divide the price of gold by the price of silver.

  • A gold-silver ratio of 80 means :
    The silver price is 80 times cheaper than the gold price.
    In the past, a RATIO of 80 or higher has proven to be a buy signal for silver.


  • A gold-silver ratio of 40 means
    The silver price is only 40 times cheaper than the gold price.
    In the past, a RATIO of 40 or lower has proven to be a sell signal for silver.



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Quelle: www.lbma.org.uk